The Carbon Daytona Motley by Designa Individual Watches


It is not often that a company can enter an industry that has been around for centuries and can quickly make its mark. Patience, lots of knowledge, and even more trial and error are necessary for this endeavor. However, now and then, one happens to come along and demonstrate complete mastery in such an honest way. In 2022, Designa Individual Watches has proven to do just that in watchmaking.

What started as a dream of innovation and creating high-end customized phone devices by two eager artists has turned into a watchmaking revolution. Immediately bringing in elite professionals to dive deeper into the R&D of the intricate timepiece enterprise, they began accumulating as much data as possible before asking for that trust in the watch community. Now that the research is complete, watch manufacturer Designa Individual Watches delivers cutting-edge yet timeless bespoke watches to consumers worldwide.


Another shot of the Carbon Daytona Motley


With each piece crafted upon request, Designa Individual Watches aims to create durable and lightweight versions of historical watches with artistic flair, providing enthusiasts with iconic collectibles that will last a lifetime. Producing each watch with the highest-grade materials, the manufacturer has harnessed the ability to redesign iconic timepieces into incredible works of art while maintaining an elite level of durability, reliability, and incredibly unique design. Designa Individual Watches first model to ever undergo production was the iconic Daytona Motley. What seemed to be a bold first project, including a special multi-color dial with bright chronograph counters housed in a particular carbon-fiber casing, has proved to be an incredible start to history as they immediately sold out. The case, crown chronograph pushers, and buckle on the strap are all carbon fiber, creating the lightest Daytona ever produced, weighing in below 50 grams. Consumers and enthusiasts are provided with a one-of-one watch bearing top-tier design and functionality that is rare to find in any other bespoke watch manufacturer's repertoire. Designa Individual Watches felt like a formidable challenge considering the daring design, intricate details, and carbon fiber components. A commitment to finding success, even in the most challenging areas of product development has proved the hard work has paid off, as Designa Individual Watches has made quite a name in the niche bespoke watch industry. Each watch in the Carbon Daytona Collection takes about 14-18 weeks to complete, as they go even further to deliver watches in beautiful black oak boxes covered in velvet to provide a memorable experience upon arrival.


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With a current lineup of seven watches consisting of various models, all timepieces provide a unique color design and characteristics, each ready to tell a different story. You can dive deeper into the details, find all collections here, and stay up to date on the latest arrivals by following Instagram.


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終極頂級型號 "MOTLEY"