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Designa Individual Watches: Curated for Those With Exquisite Taste

Designa Individual Watches: Curated for Those With Exquisite Taste

Designa Individual Watches, also known as DIW Manufacturer, is a watch customization brand that focuses on taking historic watch models and turning them into beautiful art pieces. This German based bespoke company began with two passion-filled design technicians who are currently fulfilling their ideology to be at the top of their game in the watch industry. Designa Individual Watches has many magnificent collections that embody the brand's movement as a whole; one collection that stands out from the rest is the Carbon GMT collection. Originally designed as a pilot watch for long-haul flights, over time, the Rolex GMT has gradually become one of the most popular fashion accessories - and now thanks to the revolutionary work by DIW Manufacturer, can be celebrated and enjoyed in a variety of new styles.

Designa Individual Watches wanted to go even further to create a deeper iconic prominence and performance. By designing these models with carbon fiber cases, the bespoke watch technicians were able to replace conventional heavy metals to create lightweight models that maintain a high durability. Weighing in at an astonishing 57 grams, the carbon case feature allows for lightweight maneuverability and comfort. Along with Designa Individual Watches use of carbon fiber for a lightweight feel, a DLC coating has been introduced to the build. The DLC (diamond-like carbon) technology is a thin film used to improve durability, decrease friction, and drastically enhance the overall life expectancy of the physical product throughout its lifetime. The DLC coating covers portions of the bezel that create a darker tone to the watch, giving it an overall contrast allowing it to pop from the carbon fiber. But it doesn't all stop there; by making your desired watch as personalized as possible, Designa Individual Watches has taken the extra step to engrave your initials/brand onto the watch to make it a tad more unique to its owners.

The Carbon GMT series provides 13 different styles that are all unique in their own way, from neutral tones to bright colors; each watch will make you stop and ponder its greater significance rather than just its purpose of telling time. "The Motley" is a perfect example of a collection that pushes the boundaries of uniqueness. The inspiration of this collection all began with the first Motley introduced to the Daytona series; it is a perfect representation of freedom and the bold decisions we decide to make as people on a day-to-day basis. The unique multi-colored dial sets a meticulous contrast with the high-end carbon case and bezel, along with matching accents around the bezel and strap.

With great insight and knowledge gained from the target demographic, Designa Individual Watches has done exceptionally well with listening to their consumers to provide the best quality service that perfectly coincides with every customer. The art of personalization primarily impacts the way one might feel towards anything; with this being a known fact, the highest standards are crucial to making something truly remarkable. To find out more about Designa Individual Watches and the rest of their amazing collections, be sure to follow them on instagram @diw_official.


Source From: Forbes