The New Rolex Carbon GMT Project is Out, by DiW

March 20, 2020
The time finally came, when the legendary GMT Master gets the long-waited update many were waiting for. A meticulous work was carried out in order to fully craft the case and bezel elements in high-end carbon fiber. When innovation and craftsmanship meet, a new way of self-expression is created.

Moscow, Russia, March 20, 2020 --( The GMT Carbon project is definitely a remarkable achievement since the release of the Carbon Daytona some time ago. The properties of the fantastic material, in which the case and bezel are crafted allows the timepiece to feel incredibly light and comfortable on the wrist. The overall weight of this piece is just about 57,3 grams. Each one is produced strictly upon request and in very limited amounts. DiW Manufacture is one of the very few Bespoke houses in the market, that decided to go beyond usual watch customization, the outcome is, indeed, remarkable.

Carbon fiber is an extremely light but strong material that is very popular in the sales of racing yachts, aerospace, military, and motorsports. Since approximately a decade ago, you can encounter it being used in watchmaking, as companies utilize it to create the most durable and lightest watches on existence. It is not rare to encounter variations of this composite material that are used in watchmaking, as the shades and patterns may vary in many cases.

While the watch keeps the original Rolex identity, it was transformed into a non-conservative, modern and bold timepiece. The watch was specially redesigned for those who want something special and unique and will undoubtedly bring its holder into a realm of artistic impressions.

Not only the new GMT Carbon project looks even more sporty than it was meant to be, but it is extremely luxurious as well. The development and production of carbon elements involve a lot of research and high manufacturing expenses. The bespoke house DiW Manufacture is able to fully manufacture in-house the carbon case, dial and bezel. The technologies applied not only improve the mechanical properties of the composite materials in the carbon fiber, but also are very complicated and require special machinery and specialists.

This GMT series in carbon composite is presented in different models. Each model has its own unique design and are also available in different colors: black, blue, yellow, green, and also in a more limited version, also the flagship of the series called “Desert” which includes a beautiful and unique desert-color dial. The retail price of the Rolex GMT Carbon All Black presented in the pictures above is 35990$.

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